Is it Time to Consider a New Inground Pool Liner?

Is it Time to Consider a New Inground Pool Liner?

Is your pool liner holding water, or maybe it's just faded and tired looking? You may want to consider a new pool liner. There many great new patterns that will transform the look of your pool. It will look entirely new again and... It's not as big of a job that you may think.

Latham inground liners are available in 30 or 40 gague material. Through our family of brands, Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs – the majority of which are created by our team of designers and are exclusive to Latham.

With standard vinyl pool liners, the seams on the pool floor are visible. Latham’s exclusive Ultra-Seam® process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. No more visible lines on the floor detracting from the beauty of the pool!

Refresh your pool and backyard with a brand new replacement liner. Replacing a liner can create a whole new look and feel to your pool. Liners are now available in a number of colors and patterns, sure to please any taste.

View our full line of patterns click here 

Liner installations consist of the measue, supply and installation of a new pool liner. Upon measuring of the liner by the service crew a plot diagram is devised by the manufacturer. It may be necessary to return to reconfirm a few measurements. Some pools can have close to 200 individual measurements, so under the premise to measure twice and cut once, we may need to return a second time. This will result in no extra charge to you, however we will require access to the pool and the waters condition must be clear and to full operating level to ensure depths and bottoms measurements are accurate.

Feel free to call the office for a free estimate. Once you decide to move forward we schedule the team to measure and order the liner. Once it is produced, we schedule the day of installation. Most installs are only a day...we drain the pool in the morning and by the end of the day, water is going back in!!

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