The Investment - A pool is an investment.

The Investment - A pool is an investment.

A pool is an investment. I don’t only mean financially.  Installing a pool is making an investment in your family and memories. Some of my best and favourite memories are of hanging out in the backyard, watching my kids show off their newest swimming skill or just floating around on a pool noodle and enjoying the summer with family and friends. An aboveground pool will bring you the same fun and experience of an inground installation in a lot less time and for a lot less money.

Your backyard can be the perfect ‘staycation’ destination. An aboveground pool is definitely an investment and here are some things to know before you ‘take the plunge’.

All pools require a permit and it’s up to you to get it. Every municipality has its own set of by-laws regarding pools as well as their enclosures so I recommend doing a little research ahead of time.

Aboveground pools come in 2 shapes, round and oval, in varying sizes. You need to consider what will work best for your yard as well as your budget. The shape of your pool might be determined by the shape of your yard. If your yard is long and skinny, an oval pool might be your only option. If your yard is more squat, you may be limited to a round pool. The size will most likely be determined by the size and layout of your yard, meaning that any buildings, trees or decking along with by-law restrictions will affect the size and placement of the pool.

As for the budget, obviously the bigger the pool, the more it’ll cost, and oval pools tend to be more expensive. Cost is probably the number one benefit of purchasing and owning an aboveground pool. Compared to an inground pool, installation is a breeze. Instead of digging a large hole in the ground and spending tens of thousands of dollars, an aboveground pool costs substantially less and can be installed in a day or two. If you are handy, you can save a bit more cash and install it yourself as a weekend DIY project.

Aboveground pools have come long way as far as looks, features and options. They are available in many modern colour schemes and can look very dynamic in any backyard. They also allow for many of the same features and options as inground pools as well. Upgrades such as a 2-speed pump will save you money, 60-65% of your hydro cost! There are many time saving options available as well. Salt systems, automatic vacuums and solar blanket rollers are good examples of that. Features like drop-in steps, lights and fountains enhance the whole backyard experience and make your ‘staycation’ that much more enjoyable.

If you are considering an aboveground pool, now is the perfect time! Check out our aboveground pool page to see your 2017 line-up and any current promos.  Or even better, come and visit us in the showroom!

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