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Aquablue - Alum Clarifier
CLARIFIER ALUM makes pool water sparkling clear. CLARIFIER ALUM is especially effective for pool water that is very cloudy or coloured by the presence of metal. PREVENTIVE TREATMENT: For perpetually sparkling clear pool water, use Klear Sok or Action Cube. Fill the pool above…
Aquablue - Skin Silk
SKIN SILK SOFTENER AND CONDITIONER 30-21045 SKIN SILK softens water and improves bather comfort. It is a selected pool product combined with aromatherapy so as to enhance water quality. SKIN SILK is compatible with pool sanitizing chemicals and increases their efficiency. Balanced pH formula that won't…
Aquablue - Sparkle
POOL SPARKLE CONCENTRATED CLARIFIER 30-21080 Provides clear and sparkling water. A very powerful formula. POOL SPARKLE enhances the effectiveness of the filtering system by coagulating microscopic particles to larger masses. The solids thus formed are deposited at the bottom of the pool or are captured by…
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