So You Got Algae...Here's What to Do

So You Got Algae...Here's What to Do

So you didn't read that last blog, or you just skimmed through it and took the "coles notes" version. No worries, we got you covered. Once Algae forms it can be a painful road ahead, but here's what to do and more importantly what not to do :) 

First, take out the auto cleaner. I always walk in a backyard and the pool is pea soup grean and the auto cleaner is running around aimlessly only visable by the hoses that are floating on the top of the water. It really isnt helping, in fact, it restricts the suction and its vacuuming algae and placing it in the filter. Once algae is in the filter it can harvest and grow only multipling and lengthing the period in which you will have algae.

The key to getting out of this is KILLING the algae first. Double or even Triple shock the pool. Add the chlorine at night once the sun goes down and if the pump is on a timer, disable the timer and allow the pool to filter continuiouously. Ues a wall brush and stir up the pool and brush evey square inch of that pool surface. You want to susspend all the algae away from the pool walls and bottom. This will make it look worse and the worser the Having all the algae brushed and floating, the chlorine can attack from every angle, it is stuck to the floor or bottom, it can only attack from one side. In 24 hours backwash or clean the filters, test the water with a strip and if the chlorine is low, add another does and brusher up again!! Once the Algae has turned brown, it will settle on the pool floor and at the point you can vacuum :) Never vacuum green....always brown. Once its brown, its dead. 

Once your back to clear water, i would suggest to bring in a water sample. This will confirm all is good and the threat of algae returning can be elminated or even prevented.

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