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Aquablue - Studio


Studio 1 Piece 62x32
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Studio 3 Piece 62x32
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Product Description

  • 3-piece tub shower including roof cap
  • Sectional unit ideal for renovation projects
  • Built-in shelves, soap dish, towel bar
  • Access panel available with massage system. IES or Hydromax system available
  • Optional: roof halogen light (recommended)


Model & Available Dimensions

Studio (1-Piece) - 100099

62 " x 32 " x 84 "

Studio (3-Piece) - 100099

62 " x 32 " x 84 "


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Installation - (Abode Acrobat; 1MB)
Whirlpool Installation - (Abode Acrobat; 4MB)
Technical Drawing 1P - (Abode Acrobat; 170KB)
Technical Drawing 3P - (Abode Acrobat; 165KB)
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