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Aquablue - Elixir Above Ground Pool

Elixir Above Ground Pool



Elixer 52" Aboveground Pool

Exlir Pool


This pool is designed and warrantied for salt water.

Robust injection molded Synflex resin structure

Steel wall finished with Duratex 2000 anticorrosion paint

Internal wall protected against humidity and chemicals

7.5" Curved Synflex resin top seats

Uprights made of treated steel and reinforced with an oversized design that insure stabilization of the seats

1 1/4" Synflex resin top tracks

1.5" Synflex resin bottom tracks

Rigid outside connectors made of 100% Synflex resin including top and bottom plates

All pool come equipped with the standard accessories with the option to upgrade or purchase any of the optional accessories.


AIRMILES are NOW Available on All Aboveground Pools 

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Round & Oval Elixir Pools Available

Financing is available for products over $3000. including tax. If a pool shows n/a it could still apply for financing providing accessories or additional products including tax exceed a total of $3000.

Pool Size Reg. Price Price Weekly (oac) Monthly (oac)
12' Elixer Pool $2899 $2599 n/a n/a
15' Elixir Pool $3099 $2799 n/a n/a
18' Elixir Pool $3399 $3099 $14.27 $55.15
21' Elixir Pool $3799 $3399 $16.68 $61.29
24' Elixir Pool $3999 $3699 $17.63 $65.38
27' Elixir Pool $4499 $3999 $19.94 $72.51
12'x20' Elixir Pool $4599 $4099 $20.34 $76.20
12'x24' Elixir Pool $4799 $4399 $21.93 $79.69
15'x26' Elixir Pool $5099 $4799 $13.67* $44.91*
15'x30x Elixir Pool $6099 $5599 $15.24 $49.75
18'x33' Elixir Pool $6799 $5999 $17.03* $55.14*

Please note: Financing terms above are based on approved credit and are basic estimations. Exact rates and terms provided at time of purchase. Rates ranging from $3000. -$5000. are based on a 5 year open term, $5000.-$7500 are based on a 10 year* open term.

All pools require a permit. Price does not include installation. Prices are subject to change without notice. Salt systems are available for select models. The "Liberty", "Elixir" "Java" and "Solano" are classed as salt water pools and are warrantied for salt systems. Many upgrades and promotions are available with the purchase of an aboveground pool, call store for details.  


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