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Why Is Correct Pool Chemistry So Important? https://t.co/QyeSu39BBr 1 week ago
So You Got Algae...Here's What to Do
So you didn't read that last blog, or you just skimmed through it and took the "coles notes" version. No worries, we got you covered. Once Algae forms it can be a painful road ahead, but here's what to do and more importantly what not to do :)
Prevent Algae Before it Starts...Here's How.
We are now rounding the corner and heading into Late july and early August. In the pool industry it is better know as algae month. Why you may ask? Well, most pools have now reached a nice warm temperature and with a couple little oversights, algae can form and spread quite quickly. A couple little tricks are listed below to help prevent this nasty annoyance.
BOGO Above Ground Pool Promotion
For our 34th anniversary we are excited to offer a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. Purchase 1 item and you may select a 2nd item of equal or lesser value and its yours...FREE. This promotion is only available with the purchase of any instock aboveground pool kit. This sale is only offered for a limited time and is subject to change at any time, while quantities last. So don't miss out on this exciting deal! Lets make it your best summer.....EVER!
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