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Have You Brought in a Water Sample Lately?
Have you balanced your pools water recently? This is often overlooked and failure to do so, could result in liner wrinkles, fading or even staining. It is suggested to protect your investment, bring in a water sample each month, this will result in balanced the water extending the life of your pools liner and all the related equipment. Also, minimizing the possiablity of algee or bacteria growth creating a safer swimming envirorment.
Is it Time to Consider a New Inground Pool Liner?
Is your pool liner holding water, or maybe it's just faded and tired looking? You may want to consider a new pool liner. There many great new patterns that will transform the look of your pool. It will look entirely new again and... It's not as big of a job that you may think. Latham inground liners are available in 30 or 40 gague material. Through our family of brands, Latham offers over 30 different elegant and exciting liner designs
Hot Tub Sale ...Limited Time Offer, Hurry in Today!!
All IPG Hot Tubs are on Sale and for a short time give you the choice to select a FREE option. Purchase an IPG 203 or 204 Hot Tub with the upgraded Interior and exterior lighting package and you can score a FREE Mp3 dock with twin speakers and a sub woofer or a FREE Ozone/UV sanitizing System. This is a limited time offer, so hurry in today!!
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