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Most customers are shocked to find out that we sell an automatic spa cover - come have a look at how it works! 6 days ago
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Got heat? Think water
With summer approaching, it's a good time to review what Aqua-Blue can do for you.

You know summer is on its way.

Whether it's "long" or "short" in terms of great weather, the fact remains there will be days - lots of them - when you'll wish for some water to cool the heat.

The Investment - A pool is an investment.
A pool is an investment. I don't only mean financially. Installing a pool is making an investment in your family and memories. Some of my best and favourite memories are of hanging out in the backyard, watching my kids show off their newest swimming skill or just floating around on a pool noodle and enjoying the summer with family and friends.
Pool Openings
With swimming pool season right around the corner, what better way to kick it off by getting that dull winter cover removed, equipment up and running smoothly, and having that water feeling and looking healthy with a sparkle!
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