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The sun is finally starting to shine :) Book your pool opening today and receive a FREE SEASON PASS Membership vali… https://t.co/EV44CXHI55 1 day ago
FREE Hayward light and cleaner with most aboveground pool purchases. Call store for details as this is limited time… https://t.co/t2mqFc458i 2 days ago
The ALL NATURAL Swimming Pool Water Treatment
Dramatically reduces pool maintenance. Helps to improve water clarity and quality. Enhances chemical treatments. Helps to maintain pH and alkalinity levels. Reduces scum lines, chlorine odours and irritated eyes.Improves filtration. Just one capful (100 ml or 3.3 ounces) treats up to 20,000 gallons (75,000 litres) of pool water per week.
Spring is Finally Here ...Lets get the Pool Open!
This past winter seemed to hit us pretty good. Steady snow falls, fridged temperatures breaking several all-time lows and what seemed to be long periods of grey cloudy skies leaving us no hope for spring in the near future. Well, that's all behind us now and we can try and flip the coin and be rewarded with a great spring, with the hopes of a long hot summer.

If you own a pool, you can look forward to clear sunny days, with no wind with the sun and heat just enticing you to jump in and cooling off. Personally I love the days where I have no commitments, when maybe some friends or family planning to pop over, bbq is fired up and the pool is all vacuumed, cleaned and ready for action. Other times, I enjoy those lazy days, when I
FREE MP3 or UV System on Select IPG Hot Tubs
All IPG Hot Tubs are on Sale and for a short time give you the choice to select a FREE option. Purchase an IPG 203 or 204 Hot Tub and you can score a FREE Mp3 dock with twin speakers and a sub woofer or a FREE Ozone/UV sanitizing System. This is a limited time offer, so hurry in today!!
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