Inground Pool Openings

Inground Pool Openings 

Let the pool experts at Aqua-Blue open your pool this season. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience in the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done professionally and efficiently. Standard pool openings include pump off winter cover (if required), power wash, clean, rinse & fold for storage, assemble accessories (ladder, diving board, slide, etc.), remove plugs and foam rope from lines, re-install light if applicable, hook up and ready system, mild power wash to deck and relative pool area, scrub pool steps and around the permeter of the water line. 

Customers Responsibility

Please have the yard open, and all related pool equipment be ready and accessible. Additional charges will apply if time is required to retrieve your equipment. Prior to our arrival please ensure the garden hose is made available and the water is turned on from inside the house. All breakers or power leading to the pump house or equipment area are on. Please secure all pets inside. Customer is responsible for raising the pool water if needed, vacuum and backwash. We do offer for additional fees, initial and weekly vacuum service, please call the store for more details. At completion of the pool opening a start-up sheet will be left on site for recommended direction, to minimize any details or concerns you may have.

Standard Procedure

Upon the start-up and circulation of the pools water at the time of opening our service crews visually inspect the equipment, fittings and make note of any concerns. If small drips are present and can be easily resolved we will address them for you. However, this is often common as the pools water is very cold. After running the pool for a couple weeks and the water temperature rises, the drips often resolve themselves. If attention is required and further service is needed additional charges will apply.


Your salt chlorinator will not be turned on. After the pool has been filled to operating level, you will have to add unstabilized liquid or granular chlorine to raise the chlorine level. DO NOT START THE CHLORINATOR UNTIL THE POOL WATER TEMPERATURE IS 70°F OR 20°C AND YOU HAVE RAISED YOUR SALT LEVEL TO BE IN THE PROPER OPERATING RANGE. You must bring a water sample into the store to determine the amount of salt needed to top up the salt level. At completion of the pool opening a SALT start-up sheet will be left on site for recommended direction, to minimize any details or concerns you may have.

Please be aware due to new T.S.S.A (Technical Standard Safety Authority) and CSA regualtions all heater pilots are to be ignigited by a licensed gas fitter. Aqua-Blue can arrange a separate service call to ignite, inspect and clean your heater for the upcoming season which will be charged separately.



Pool Opening Chemcial kit

Pool Opening Chemical kit
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Salt water compatible

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