Leak Detection

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Let Aqua-Blues highly trained technicians accurately locate your swimming pool leak. Using the latest equipment, locators and cameras, leaks can be located wherever they may be hiding - in your swimming pool. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience in the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

Standard Procedure

The Service crew will inspect and perform a number of tests ranging from electronic liner leak detection, pressure tests, dye test and also use a number of location devises that include line inspection camera or leak detection with sound magnification. An intial standard leak detection is billed at $369, (travel fees may apply) which includes a full walk through and visual inspection, liner leak detection, pressure test of returns/skimmer and dye test. All the test results are recorded and reported back to the office for review. If a solution was attempted on the first visit, it is asked that the pool be monitored and results reported back within 2-3 days. If the pool requires further testing and or retesting, this will be scheduled and billed for only time and labor, equipment fees are only billed on the initial call and will not be billed on additional investigations. Once all results are reviewed the office will call and schedule any further repairs, if required.  

Customers Responsibility

Please have the yard open, and all related pool equipment be ready and accessible. Prior to our arrival please ensure the garden hose is made available and the water is turned on from inside the house. All breakers or power leading to the pump house or equipment area are on. Please secure all pets inside. For best results, we require the pool level be filled to operating level or higher and the pools water must be in a clear condition with little or no debris on the botom. 





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