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Aquablue - Salt Cell Saver
SALT CELL SAVER SALT GENERATOR CELL CLEANER 30-21260 PHOSPHATE-FREE SALT CELL SAVER is formulated for cleaning salt generator cells without causing any harm to the cell plates. SALT CELL SAVER is used by a soaking process and will restore conductivity and efficiency by eliminating scale…
Aquablue - Salt One
SALT ONE ALL IN ONE SUPPORT FOR SALT GENERATOR Increases sanitizer efficiency protecting from UV rays. Produces water softness. Delays corrosion. Reduces the wear of your salt generator cells. SALT ONE is designed to support salt generator and is to be used once in the spring after…
Aquablue - Salt Revise
Enhances the efficiency of the salt generator. SALT REVISE is designed to support salt generator and must be used monthly. Its innovating formula will improve bather comfort, protect cells and will delay corrosion when used in conjunction with SALT ONE. This specialized pool…
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