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    Rumour has it, you have been bragging for years. The best cannonball known to man?
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Now you can Earn AIR MILES® reward miles with Aqua-Blue!!

AIR MILES® is one of the best ways to get rewards in Canada

With an AIR MILES® Collector Card, you can turn everyday purchases with Aqua-Blue into movie tickets, kitchen gadgets, electronics, dream vacations and so much more. Unlike other frequent shopper programs, you can earn AIR MILES® reward miles from Aqua-Blue, select IPG Canada retailers and also from all types of companies with thousands of locations across Canada. Whatever rewards you like most, get them quickly and easily with the AIR MILES® Reward Program.

What are the benefits of joining the AIR MILES® Reward Program?

You’ll receive:

Earn 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $30.00 spent in store!
Earn 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $40.00 spent on a new pool or hot tub!

Earn Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles
Get exclusive Bonus Offers
Be eligible for unique business rewards.
Check your Account Update for information about our current Bonus Offers, specials, Sponsors and Rewards.

Some restrictions apply, valid on instore purchases. Rewards on Service and/or Labor fees are not available at this time.




The "Season Pass" was first implemented years ago to offer customers discounts that purchased an inground pool, aboveground pool or hot tub. It was designed to show appreciation for the loyal committment to the customer that trusted Aqua-Blue with their purchase.

Now, with the consistant feedback from customers over the years. It is obvious that we all like to save huge discounts....so the "Season Pass" continues to be available to all customers. Simply renew the membership every calendar year for the low fee of $9.99.


Free Monthly Water Analysis
10% Off Liquid Chlorine
10% Off Balancing Chemicals
10% Off Pool Salt
10% Off Pool Naturally
10% Off Algaecides
10% Off Skinsilk
10% Off Solar Blankets
10% Off Standard Winter Covers
5% Off Maxi Pucks
5% Off AquaFoot with Zinc
5% Off Shock plus 6kg &10kg
Sand/Stone 1/2 Price with Purchase of a Filter
Discount on Select Toys
...and so much more


Free Monthly Water Analysis
10% Off Balancing Chemicals
10% Off Spa Naturally
10% Eco One
10% Off Skinsilk
5% Off Chlorine or Bromine Pucks
5% Shock Part 2
10% Zorbies
...and so much more



New discounts and promotions are offered in store and are often updated throughout the season, visit the store for more details.

The season pass program is offered each calendar year. Renewal fee is discounted to $9.99.

The season pass card is the property of Aqua-Blue (Niagara) LTD. and must be returned upon request. The terms and conditions of this card are subject to change at anytime and are at the sole discretion of Aqua-Blue (Niagara) LTD. This card must be presented at the time of purchase. It is not refundable and non redeemable for cash. This card will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Annual Aqua-Blue Big Splash!!

Rumor has it, you have been bragging for years. The best cannonball known to man?

Well....its now time to step up to the pool and put on the game face! This is the annual Aqua-Blue big splash, this is for all the marbles, all the bragging rights and glory and fame to go with it....and we'll even throw in a nice gift card for you! The rules are simple, outlined below.

There are 2 contest (1 video submission and 1 photo submission)

The goal is to create the biggest splash know to man...created by you (hopefully). Simply upload your video or photo to


This page is created to allow friends and family to comment, cheer and create your fan base. The more votes, comments and likes you receive, may just heighten your chances and recognition. Please keep all postings clean and "PG" this is a friendly competition.

All "Big Splash" entries are to be original, any knock offs from you tube or other sources will be ignored, removed and disqualified.

All entries are to be from a residential swimming pool, no props, only you and the water!

Most important...keep it safe, don't do something that can hurt you or others around you. Have fun and good luck!!

Season Pass Sand Change Promotion

Aqua-Blue Pools, Spas & Bath Fixtures offers for a limited time a sand change including sand and labour for $299. (plus tax) to all season pass card holders. This is a limited time offer, some restrictions apply. call the store for more details and to book your appointment today!

2020 Reabtes and Promotions

Aqua-Blue Pools, Spas & Bath Fixtures offers many instore and manufacturers rebates. Click Here to visit our rebates page to download the consumer rebate.



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