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Aquablue - Bromine
BROMINE BROMINE SANITIZER 29-21055 Each 20 g tablet provides effective bromine sanitation when used as directed. Is an effective disinfectant when used as directed. WARNING: Direct tablet contact may cause bleaching of vinyl, acrylic or synthetic spa surfaces. Automatic feeding devices employing these tablets must…
Aquablue - Spa 1
SPA 1 1st part of 2 product sanitizer systems 29-21120 Provides bromine sanitation when used with SPA 2. Concentrate liquid formula that does not leave powdery residue and provides quick results. 1. SPA 1 must be used in combination with SPA 2 to effect bromine…
Aquablue - Spa 2
SPA 2 2nd PART OF 2 PRODUCT SANITIZER SYSTEM 29-21330 Provides Bromine Sanitation when used with SPA 1. 1. SPA 2 must be used in combination with SPA 1 to effect bromine sanitation in spa waters. 2. Maintain recommended daily levels as determined by testing…
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