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Aquablue - Aqua Chek Bromine Test Strips

Aqua Chek Bromine Test Strips

Aqua Chek Bromine Test Strips
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Product Description

Testing the bromine, pH, total Alkalinity and water hardness levels in your hot tub water or swimming pool is now easier then ever with the AquaChek Red 4-in1 test strips. The AquaChek Red 4-in-1 test strips provide accurate results with a simple testing procedure. No need to measure drops or have bottles of reagents for testing, simply dip a test strip in the pool or hot tub water, pull it out immediately and compare against the colors on the back of the bottle, yes its that simple.

Easy, Fast and Accurate

50 Strips in a moisture resistant bottle
Tests for Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Water Hardness
Instructions included

The AquaChek Red test strip test for the 4 levels in hot tub or pool water that are important to maintain healthy and sparkling clean water. Most important is to maintain the Alkalinity at the correct level which will inturn keep the pH stable at the correct level which creates the best balance for the bromine to work effectively resulting in the most comfortable water condition for most people with next to no odour in the water from the bromine .

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