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Aquablue - Flush Cleaner Pro - Spa

Flush Cleaner Pro - Spa

Flush Cleaner Pro - Spa

Product Description

Kill 99.9% of Organic Contaminants. Removes bacteria and calcium build-up in hot tub pipes. Treats hot tubs of up to 2,000L.


No. 1 | 170g (Dichloroisocyanuric acid)
No. 2 | 700g (Sodium bisulfate)
No. 3 | 340g (Sodium carbonate)

Directions for use:

Remove the head rests (cartridges can remain in the hot tub during the process).
Sprinkle the entire content of No. 1 followed by No. 2.
Soak the product for 4 hours while activating the pumps through multiple cycles.
After the 4-hour wait, pour the content of No. 3 and active the pumps for 15 minutes.
Rinse the cartridges and refill with fresh water.

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