Aboveground Pool Opening

Receive a FREE SEASON PASS Membership with any pool opening. The 2022 Season Pass is regularly priced at $30.00 and offers FREE instore water testing once a month, 10% off all balancing chemicals, 10% off algaecides, 10% off pool salt, 10% off solar blankets, liquid chlorine, winter covers and soooo much more!!! This is currently FREE with all pool openings and is a limited time offer, call and schedule your opening today!!

Pump off winter cover, if required. Clean, rinse & fold for storage, assemble pump, filter and accessories, re-install light if applicable, hook up and ready system. Mild power wash to deck and pool area, if applicable. Customer is responsible for raising the pool water if needed, vacuum and backwash.



Aboveground Pool Opening $269.99

Pool Opening Kit $51.99

Pool Pro Opening Chemical kit
Quick and easy to use
Salt water compatible

Initial Shock Treatment $29.99

Amount required will vary according to size of pool and condition of water.

Pool Salt $12.99

Salt can be ordered and delivered onsite, ready for you to add once the water has been tested and balanced.

Initial Pool Vacuum $129.99

Have our experienced pool technician do the initial clean and vacuum the pool. This service is offered and billed for an hour of vacuum service, if pool is extremely large or contains a large amount of debris, additional time may be required.

Fix 300g $18.99

Only added to green/cloudy pools at time of opening. Invoice to reflect only product used.

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