Inground Pool Closing

Standard Procedure

Remove pool equipment (ladder, diving board etc.), lower water level, blow/winterize lines. Drain & winterize pump and filter system (heater, chlorinator if they apply) remove solar blanket for customer to store, install customers winter cover. Customer is responsible for removing drop in step if required, test & balance water 1 week prior to closing, double shock pool 2-3 days prior to closing (allow pump and filter to run continuously), vacuum & backwash pool.


At the end of the swimming pool season, test the pool water 1-2 weeks prior to closing and balance the water. Double shock the pool 3-4 days before lowering the water level. Be certain to leave the pump and filter running continuously after adding any chemicals, especially the shock treatment. (most liner damage is caused by shocking the pool and not allowing the pump to circulate for 2-3 days continuously. If the pump is on a timer, make the effort to disable this function for at least 2 or 3 days). Chlorine may settle in the deep end and bleach the liner and/or causes wrinkles if not allowed to blend with the pool water. NEVER close a pool without circulating the pool water for several days after the final addition of chemicals. Clean and vacuum the pool from top to bottom. Use a proper fitting winter pool cover, tightly sealed around the perimeter of the pool. It will prevent the accumulation of debris such as leaves and insects during the winter. Should you have any questions about your pool, call your dealer - he's your pool professional. And remember, the proper chemical balance, regular maintenance and common sense are the keys to years of enjoyment from your pool.

All pools with liners and/or spill over spas/water features are also subject to ground water causing them to float. Upon closing, if you normally lower the water level, it is highly suggested to add water and raise the water level back in the pool or feature. This will keep the more pressure in the pool/feature and eliminate any opportunity for the liner to float and reseat with unsightly wrinkles in the liner. It is also suggested to be selective of the weather conditions at the time of closing your pool. If heavy amounts of rain are predicted, you may want to schedule accordingly. If a drainage pit or French well is present, it is suggested to remove any water prior to our arrival.  Again, any time water is removed from the pool and the water level is lowered, Aqua-Blue will not be responsible for wrinkles in your pool’s liner or the heaving of any spillover spa/feature. 


Inground Pool Closing $319.99

Pool Closing Kit $51.99

Works on above ground or in ground pools
Salt water compatible

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