Pressure Test

Swimming Pool Pressure Test

Let Aqua-Blue's trained technicians accurately locate your swimming pool leak. Using the latest equipment, locators and cameras, leaks can be located wherever they may be hiding. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience in the industry and understand what it takes to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

Standard Procedure

A pressure test of the pool's suction and return lines, including the inspection of the pool's pump, filter and related equipment. If the leak has been located in the return or suction lines, the test results are recorded and reported back to the office for review. While the technicians are onsite if a simple non-invasive solution can resolve the issue, the technicians will do so (most common is to replumb any exposed plumbing or corrected any leaking valves). This is billed additional to the original detection fee. If any underground work is required, the results are reviewed at the office. The service manager will call and discuss/schedule any further repairs. Travel charges are additional.

Customers Responsibility

Please have the yard open, and all related pool equipment be ready and accessible. Prior to our arrival please ensure the garden hose is made available and the water is turned on from inside the house. All breakers or power leading to the pump house or equipment area are on. Please secure all pets inside. We require the pool level be filled to operating level or higher and the pool's water must be clear with no debris on the bottom

We can not guarantee arrival times of our service crews.



Pressure test of suction and return lines $389.99

Technicians will pressure test the suction and return lines, this will confirm if the line is secure and will inform if a leak is present. Once the leak is confirmed an effort to locate the leaks location will be performed. Technician will try and locate using air and sound magnification. Price is based on 1 suction line and 2 return lines.

Camera Locate $189.99

Camera use is available, this will give a visual inspection of the condition of the pools lines and help locate where the issue is.

Additional Lines to be tested $89.99

The average pool is plumbed standard with 1 suction and 2 returns. Some pools are plumbed with several suction lines or may have multiple return lines. If the pool is plumbed with additional lines it is an additional $89.99 per line to pressure test.

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