Delta UV Systems

Delta UV for Inground and Aboveground Pools

Adding a Delta UV system to your inground or aboveground swimming pool or hot tub will help provide beautiful contaminant-free water while drastically reducing your use of chlorine. Delta UV unit deactivates bacteria, germs, viruses and algae without chemicals – including the chlorine-resistant protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Protect your family from exposure to chlorine and it by-products by learning more about the most advanced, most environmental technology for helping sanitize your swimming pool or spa today.


Delta UV Swimming Pool Application FAQs

Does the Delta UV System Eliminate The Chlorine Smell Found In Many Swimming Pools?

Yes. You will find the environment of pool water to be superior to any previous water condition within 1-3 days after installing a Delta UV system. The UV rays not only sanitize the water, but dramatically reduce or eliminate the Chloramines normally present in pool water when chlorine combines with nitrogen-ammonia compounds to form Chloramines, and produce the chlorine smell that is so obnoxious and unhealthy.

Will Chlorine or Bromine Use Be Reduced When A Delta UV System Is Installed ?

Yes, studies and users report a dramatic reduction in chlorine or bromine use when a UV sanitizing unit is installed on a swimming pool. Savings of 70% - 85% in chlorine consumption are commonplace and should be expected. The addition of a Delta UV System provides a pool water environment as close to "chemical free" as possible.

Is There Any Residual Chemical Effect From UV ?

No, UV light waves are used to kill bacteria and micro-organisms in the pool water and are applied only to the pool water that passes inside the Delta UV system's wet chamber in visual contact with the UV light wave transmission from the High Output UV lamp. No chemicals are added to the pool by the Delta UV system, and in fact, the pool will become as "chemical free" as possible when the Delta UV is installed.

What Maintenance Is Required On The Delta UV Unit ?

The only maintenance required for any Delta UV system is an annual UV lamp replacement and cleaning of the quartz tube inside the UV unit. This procedure normally takes only 5-10 minutes and is easily accomplished using only a screwdriver and crescent wrench.



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