Regular maintenance keeps pool water sparkling

Regular maintenance keeps pool water sparkling

With great weather finally here in Niagara, our team at Aqua-Blue thought it would be the perfect time to remind our customers why regular pool maintenance is so important.

If you have a pool in your yard, be it inground, above ground or the simple inflatable kind, regular maintenance to your water and pool system will ensure both the safety of the water, and the preparedness of your yard for fun in the sun.

Regular steps for maintaining the quality of your pool water are fairly simple, and can involve the whole family: Tasks like skimming; checking water chlorine and ph levels; vacuuming; backwashing; adjusting chemicals when necessary and emptying filter baskets are things with which your teens can help. Younger children, accompanied by adults and wearing their pool safety flotation devices, can participate by keeping pool toys in order.

The first piece of advice our Aqua-Blue water quality experts give is to have water analyzed at the beginning of the season.

If you can obtain an optimum balance early on, they say, it’s easier to maintain as the season progresses. This is important, as proper water chemistry is required to keep a pool safe and clean for swimmers.

Supplies you may need include:

  • A good vacuuming/brushing system;
  • Skimmer with extendable pole;
  • Pool chemicals, such as chlorine or bromine (available in tablets and liquid form); cyanuric acid (pool water stabilizer); other stabilizers such as calcium hypochlorite (solid or liquid forms); shock (for controlling algae and killing bacteria); algaecide and muriatic acid;
  • Properly maintained pool pump and filtering system;
  • Hoses for backwashing, and
  • A little time every day.

While caring for your pool is definitely time-consuming, just think of the fun you and your family can have with impromptu pool gatherings, and outdoor together time with family.

All it takes is a little dedication on your part, to keep things sparkling clear and balanced. Daily testing and adjustments may be required, especially if there has been rain, excessive high temperatures or many swimmers enjoying your pool.

Not up to the task of regular maintenance? Aqua-Blue experts offer weekly or bi-weekly maintenance services, including vacuuming; backwashing; cleaning the steps and water line; skimming leaves and debris; emptying filter baskets and testing, monitoring and adjusting water chemistry.

All Aqua-Blue’s labour rates are billed hourly, with parts, chemicals or accessories extra. If you are outside our local area, a fuel surcharge may apply.

To learn more about regular maintenance or Aqua-Blue’s services, give us a call at 905-735-9131, or visit us at our showroom at 633 King Street, Welland.

Got a question? Send us an email via our contact page on our website, HERE.

Get ready for some fun in the sun!

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