5 Chances Left to Win $500
Would you like to win a $500 shopping spree? It's simple, submit a testimonial or one photo showing you either a) opening your pool in the spring or b) simply having summertime fun in your swimming pool or hot tub, with family and friends. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of each month.
Another One Week Sale!!
Its was so BIG, and so HUGE, our annual "One Week Sale" had to be extended to an addtional week of savings. So if you missed out orginally...heres one more chance to save some CASH. Aboveground Pools, Hot Tubs, Pucks and Shock, Pool Salt and so much more, all discounted for another week!! So if you own a pool or a spa, or you want one...THIS IS ANOTHER ONE WEEK SALE!!! Lets make it your best summer...ever!!
Water Test Competition, Win Wayne for Month!!!
New for 2013, we will be offering an in store water testing competition at Aqua-Blue Pools, Spas & Bath Fixtures. Ya....its kinda like the olympics, only better. We won't make you stand on a podium and you won't win no crazy huge Mr. T necklace (no offence Mr .T, we know you could still bring the pain). This competition is based not only on skill and balance but wisdom and good old fashion dedication to maintaining your pool.

Simply bring in your water sample for our complete anaylisis and follow our instore guidlines to enter to win. For more details, visit the store today...and bring a water sample!
One Week Sale!!!
Its BIG, its HUGE, this is our annual "One Week Sale". Spring is here and so are the Deals!! If you remember last year we orginally started with a "One Day Sale"...it was so busy and crazy we had to streched it into a week. Thats right a whole week!! This is so BIG you will want to cancel that week at Disney, or switch out your weeks vacation!! All pools, Hot Tubs, Pucks and Shock, Pool Salt and so much more, all discounted for the week!!
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