Aboveground Pool Installation

Aqua-Blue does not provide aboveground pool installation service. This pricing is only meant as a basic guidline, to educate the approximate cost of installation.

Aboveground installation pricing below is based on the average cost for the relative size pool within our local service area.

This price is based on standard access to the yard and providing all ground is level in the desired location of the pool. Pricing is subject to inspection and can vary according to details.


12' Round $1800-2300
15' Round $1800-2300
18' Round $2100-2600
21' Round $2200-2700
24' Round $2300-2800
27' Round $2600-3100
12x20 Oval $2700-3400
12x23 Oval $2900-3400
12x24 Oval $2900-3400
15x26 Oval $3200-3700
15x30 Oval $3500-4000
18x33 Oval $3700-4200

Aboveground Installation Video Instruction

Aboveground Installation videos and information are generic and in no way specific to an individual model that we may offer or sell. This information is provided to educate and instruct the basic methods and tools used in the process of the assembly of an aboveground pool. If you are considering to perform the installation of an aboveground pool it is important that you be aware that all makes and models will vary in the method of installation and the parts and tools required.

Round Basic installation

Wilbar-Round-Above-Ground-Pool-Installation from Aqua-Blue Pools on Vimeo.

Oval Basic installation

Part 1 - 3

Wilbar-International-Pools-Above-Ground-Pool-Installation-PART-1-OF-3 from Aqua-Blue Pools on Vimeo.

Wilbar-International-Pools -Above-Ground-Pool-Installation-PART-2-OF-3 from Aqua-Blue Pools on Vimeo.

Wilbar-International-Pools-above-Ground-Pool-Installation-PART-3-OF-3 from Aqua-Blue Pools on Vimeo.

Onground Radiant Basic installation

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