Wall Insulation

Create a smooth wall surface with this closed-cell foam padding that helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and other wall degradation from puncturing your liner. Help keep your liner like-new for years to come with wall foam!

This also helps insulate your wall during heating season.





Pool Cove

A small investment that will add years to the life of your above-ground liners! Make sure the place pool cove around the bottom, inside circumference of your pool wall before installing your new liner. Pool cove will help prevent excessive stretching and premature wearing, adding years to the life of your new liner of your new liner.






Ground Carpet

Ground carpet is an underlay that goes between the pools bottom and the liner. Very comparable to an undermat that is installed under the carpet in your house. This not only adds a nice soft feel to the pool bottom but help protect against any small sharp debris or growth forming under the pools liner. When using sand as the pools bottoms, this will also help hide any imperfections and disguise small trowel marks from showing through the liner.


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