• Curbed Cantilever Coping

    Distictive and Elegant, this option adds class to any pool design. Contrasting colors are used to highlight the pools surroundings and frame the perimeter of the pools edge.
  • Curbed Cantilever Coping with Pavers

    The "curb" can also be combined with pavers or interlocking brick to create addtional texture, opposed to concrete. This combination has recently become very popular and continues to be a growing option.
  • Luxury is now Standard

    at Aqua-Blue Cantilever coping is now standard on all inground pools.
  • Add an Elegant Entrance

    with a classic broom finish, and cantilever coping over the step....adds practicallity, easy maintenance, all with a subtle texture on the feet.
  • Colored Concrete

    take your backyard to the next level with unlimited color choices offered with our concrete packages
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Standard 3' Pool Concrete | Broom Finish Catilever

Included with all our swimming pools is 3' of concrete around the perimeter. If there is a diving board it will include 5' at the deep end. Additional concrete can be added, often this is a nice way to create a sitting area around the swimming pool or tie in an existing walkway or patio. The standard finish on the concrete is a classic broom finish. This is the best surface for around the pool which is easy on the feet, while still maintaining a subtle grip to avoid a wet slippery surface.


Cantilever Pool Coping | Standard on all Pools

Cantilever Pool coping is used to provide a more modern look to your inground pool. The term cantilever comes from bridge construction and means a large beam that is fixed at only one end and projects over an opening. Therefore, cantilever coping is coping that is attached at the deck and projects over the swimming pool (and the step, as shown). This provides a natural look to the landscape. Cantilever coping is also more difficult to install than a traditional bullnose coping.


Bullnose Pavers

Bullnose pavers have become very popular. Depending on the look that is important to you, this application can achieve a classic old school tumbled look or an ultra modern design. The brick selection is important, as this will set the tone for the style and overall appearance of the pools finish.



Curbed Cantilever Coping

Curbed cantilever coping is 2 seperate pores of concrete incorporated around the perimeter of the swimming pool. This creates a distictive look when offsetting each pore with contrasting colours. The "curb" can also be combined with pavers or interlocking brick to create addtional texture. This combination has recently become very popular and continues to be a growing option.


Alluminum Coping

Alluminum or PVC coping has been a standard for many years on most inground pools. This method offers a clean, simple look with a very subtle finish. Once offered as a standard feature, now rarley installed due to the ever popluar cantilever style now included as a standard option in all our inground pools.


Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete at one time was a very popular choice for a walkway around the perimeter of a swimming pool. Experience has brought us to the conclusion that the consistant maintenance of having to clear coat this product each year and the slickness of the finish around the pools perimeter is not the best choice for this application. It is sugested to incorperate this product in a sitting area or an outdoor living space away from the pools edge, as this will elminate the need for any clear coating treatment near the pools vinyl or step.


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