Inground Solar Roller

Solar Reels are primarily used to easily handle large solar covers and take the fuss out of using a solar cover for day to day operation. Using a solar cover or solar blanket will help you eliminate heat loss and evaporation from your swimming pool and so they can help save you a lot of money in the long run in heating and water costs. A covered pool will also prevent dust and other debris from entering your pool and so a solar cover will also help in your pools filtration and chemical utilization but it is mostly used to retain heat and to avoid water evaporation.

Heatsavr the Eco-Friendly liquid pool cover


Heatsavr is an invisible liquid solar pool blanket which acts like a conventional swimming pool blanket with many of the advantages of a traditional pool cover, but fewer disadvantages. Distributed exclusively in Tenerife by Total Climate Control S.L, it was developed in 1985 and was patented by Canadian company Flexible Solutions (an AMEX quoted company).

Heatsavr is an ECO friendly swimming pool product, and one of many swimming pool supplies available, but it is a product with a difference as it will realise a dramatic reduction in running costs for all types of outdoor inground and aboveground swimming pools, indoor pools and Spas. It will save you money on energy, water and chemical bills whilst helping you to reduce your carbon emissions

Heatsavr Pool Advantages & Benefits

Energy savings

Reduces water and chemicals lost via evaporation

Helps to lower your carbon emissions

Non toxic – Independently safety tested

Tasteless, odourless and undetectable by pool users

Swimming Pool Heat Loss

The problem is simple. Heat is lost from a swimming pool via evaporation. Evaporation counts for large portion of pool heat loss. If you reduce evaporation, you reduce heat loss and as a consequence, less energy is required to heat your swimming pool.

Heatsavr™ works by drastically reducing evaporation thus leading to a saving in heating costs, with the added benefit of reducing water and chemical loss.

Ambient air temperature, pool temperature and humidity apply to all types of pool whether indoors or out and wind speed is obviously a factor for outdoor pools.

The Mono-Molecular Layer

Heatsavr works by forming a mono molecular layer between the pools surface and the atmosphere around the pool. This layer helps to dramatically lower evaporation, which reduces pool heat loss.

This mono molecular layer, also known as a solar pool cover, is invisible and undetectable by pool users and is PH neutral, odourless, tasteless and leaves no residue on skin. With regular dosing of the product, this cover is ever present and working while the pool is calm, helping to retain the heat in your pool 24/7/365.

The swimming pool can be used as normal without any adverse effects on its bathers. The cover is disturbed while the pool is in use, but it quickly reforms once the water becomes calm.

The Scientific View

Scientists have known for more than 5 decades, that a 1 molecule thick layer, spread evenly over a pool helps to reduce evaporation and heat loss. Until the advent of Heatsavr, no one could create a substance which was cost effective, biodegradable, that spread quickly, spread evenly and reformed rapidly after disturbance.

Heatsavr is made from ingredients which are lighter than water giving them the ability to float to the surface. The mono molecular particles are attracted to each other, so once on the surface, they quickly form an invisible cover where they prefer to have their feet in the water and their heads in the air. They are 500 times smaller than the openings in the highest quality filters, so will not affect the operation of the filtration system.

The product is biodegradable with a half life of two days which means that after two days, half of the product will have degraded, and within four days, all of the product will have dissipated.

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